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Fishing Dingle Peninsula - Tralee and Brandon Bay

Dingle Peninsula Hotspots

  • 1. Inch

    Fishing for bass, dogfish, flounder sea trout, golden grey mullet and turbot.
  • 2. Trabeg

    Fishing for bass, dab, dogfish, flounder golden grey mullet and turbot.
  • 3. Ventry

    Fishing for bass, dogfish, flounder, mullet and garfish.
  • 4. Clogher Head

    Fishing for coalfish, conger, dogfish, mackerel, pollock and ballan wrasse.
  • 5. Ferriter's Cove and Doon Point

    Fishing for bass, coalfish, cod, dogfish, flounder, pollock and ballan wrasse.
  • 6. Ballinrannig

    Fishing for bass, coalfish, dogfish, flounder and golden grey mullet.
  • 7. Feohanagh

    Fishing for bass, flounder, golden grey mullet and ballan wrasse.
  • 8. Brandon Creek

    Fishing for conger, conger, bullhuss, pollock, rockling and ballan wrasse.
  • 9. Cloghane

    Fishing for bass, flounder and sea trout.
  • 10. Fermoyle

    Fishing for bass, flounder, plaice, thornback ray, turbot and painted ray.
  • 11. Kilcummin

    Fishing for bass, flounder, plaice, thornback ray, turbot and painted ray.
  • 12. Sandy Bay

    Fishing for bass, coalfish dogfish, flounder, sting ray, thornback ray and painted ray.
  • 13. Castlegregory Beach

    Fishing for bass, dogfish, flounder, thornback ray and painted ray.
  • 14. Stradbally

    Fishing for bass, coalfish, dogfish, lounder and turbot.
  • 15. Brandon Pier and Beach

    Fishing for bass, cod, dogfish, flounder, thornback ray, sea trout and whiting.
  • 16. Dingle Harbour

    Fishing for bass, conger, dab, dogfish, flounder, mackerel, mullet, thornback ray, rockling and ballan wrasse.
  • 17. Annascaul

    Fishing for bass, coalfish, dogfish, bull huss, mackerel, pollock, sea trout, trigger fish and ballan wrasse.
  • 18. Keel

    Fishing for bass, flounder and plaice.

Dingle Peninsula Bait

  • A. Milltown Estuary

    Lugworm and ragworm.
  • B. Dingle Beach

  • C. Ferriter's Cove

  • D. Cloghane Estuary

  • E. Fermoyle Backstrand

  • F. Kilshannig

  • G. Keel

    Ragworm, lugworm and crab

Fishing Hotspots Map

Fishing Hotspots Map
Thank you to the Inland Fisheries Ireland for permission to use this map.

Dingle & Castlegregory

Deep Sea Angling: Charter boats based in Dingle and Castlegregory. Both centres offer blue shark fishing. Other species are tope, pollack, common skate, six species of ray, gurnard, ling, cod, John Dory and coalfish. Deep water close inshore.

Shore Fishing: Some first class beaches for bass anglers such as Inch, Smerwick Harbour and Brandon. The surf beaches at Inch and Brandon Bay are highly regarded. The rocky marks at Clogherhead to Smerwick Harbour produce ballan wrasse to over 7 lbs. , pollack to 10 lbs. and conger to 30 lbs. Download a fishing map of Dingle Penninsula [.doc, 600 KB].

Small Boat: Ventry, Dingle and Ballydavid Bays, are well know areas for thornback ray and flatfish.

When to Fish: June to September for tope and blue shark. September to December for shore fishing especially bass and ballan wrasse.

Comments: Bass fishing is showing signs of recovery. The renowned Dingle Pairs Festival has been held here over the last 26 years. Ballan wrasse record held here (a fish of 9 lb). For more information please log on to

Fenit & Tralee Bay

Deep Sea Angling: The area offers deep sea and inshore fishing. Charter boats based at Fenit pier. Main target species are blue shark, sting ray, undulate ray and occasional monkfish.

Shore Fishing: The top centre in the country for sting ray from the beaches of Derrymore and Killfenora. Surf beaches from Fenit to Ballyheigue offering bass and flatfish including turbot. Excellent rock marks at Kerry Head producing pollack, mackerel, wrasse, conger, buss huss and rockling. Fenit Pier yields catches of ray, flatfish, bass, dogfish, whiting and mullet. Download a fishing map of Fenit [.doc, 600KB].

Small Boat: Excellent venue for inshore boat anglers. Good launching facilities in Fenit. Species caught in the Tralee Bay are tope, six species of ray including sting and undulate, common skate, bull huss and occasional monkfish.

When to Fish: Inshore boat angling May to November. Sting ray May and June. Tope June to September. Shore angling June to December. Comments: Holds three Irish records i.e. monkfish 73lb, sting ray 33 kg and undulate ray. For more information please log on to


  • Gordon Thornes - Journalist Sea Angler Magazine

    "Just a big thank you for a great deal and looking after us last week, we enjoyed ourselves despite the weather, the fish were not jumping on the hooks but we got enough for the magazine features. I am surprised that you don't have more anglers staying with you, geographically your situation is perfect for access to the famed bass strands of Brandon bay and Inch and the Dingle peninsula in general. I stay in lots of places all over Ireland and have to say the Tralee Bay Holiday Village complex is a cut above the average with everything under one roof so to speak, it is the ideal base for shore, game and with your parking facilities travelling small boat anglers. Best of luck in these testing times. My regards to Tim. Gordon."
  • Ken Pierce

    "My mates and I have been fishing the Castlegreggory area for over 27 years, the beaches over there are the best I have ever fished,they have produced for us lots of bass up to 11lb although myself I am still waiting for my first double figure one but I have had loads up to 8 lb we have also had very large flounder and a few sea trout,the accommodation we require must be very clean very comfortable and very spacious,in my opinion the cottages at Tralee Bay Village ticks all the boxes and the icing on the cake is the seven-hoggs bar and restaurant which is within the holiday village, and Tim and his staff are all very helpful in whatever you need. Barrie, the owner of the cottages, is also very helpful and the sort of person you can talk to and sort any problems or concerns you may have ,the only problem with him is he is a Chelsea supporter and I am trying to get him to recognize a good team like Liverpool but I have failed up to now, but still trying."
  • Jean-Pierre - on catching shrimps

    "Regarding our fishing spot (there could be better ones as we didn't try many), should you be interested of course, it is located in a little cove beyond Fahamore, just west of a larger cove where a pier can be found. All you have to do is to catch the shrimps under the algae (some varieties are better than others) by means of a net better, much larger and stronger than those we saw in the cottage, yet the same shape. Back home just drop your shrimps into a pan of boiling & salted water and leave them no more than two minutes, maybe two & a half, just time to really change colour. Add a pinch of salt once your catch is on the plate, still warm. Wait until the shrimps are cold or just lukewarm and then enjoy with a glass of dry white wine, with enough acidity. Bon appétit! Sorry for not leaving some for you. We should have gone back fishing instead of being lazy and going to the pub. Please find attached pics of my friends and our catch. Thank you for your welcome and your flexibility anyway. See you one of these days... Best regards, Jean-Pierre"


    Dingle Peninsula Slipways

    • Dingle, Ballydavid, Brandon & Scraggane

      All good slips

    Plenty of activities in the area

    • Beaches:

      Our area has the largest number and longest beaches on the Dingle Peninsula. Tralee Bay provides safe waters for all the family whilst Brandon Bay is a mecca for windsurfers having hosted the World Championships in 2001 and 2002. Sandy Bay Beach provides one of the only beach based water sports facilities in the country with kids/teens clubs and activities
    • Things to do in Castlegregory:

      Things to do in Castlegregory:
      Castlegregory Village & The Maharees (2.5km from Village): Pubs, Music, Restaurants, Links Golf Course, PADI Scuba Dive Centre, Surfing, Windsurfing (World Championships 01’ 02), Sea Angling, Lake Fishing, Pony Trekking, Kitesurfing, Sandy Bay Water Sports Centre: Pedalo, Banana Boat, Sail Boats, Water Skiing, Body Boarding.
    • Things to do in Dingle:

      Things to do in Dingle:
      Dingle Town (20 minutes from Village): Funghi the Dolphin, Dingle Aquarium, Dingle Horse Riding, Archaelogical Tours, Slea Head Tours, Pubs, Music, Cafes, Restaurants, Arts & Craft Shops.
    • Things to do in Tralee:

      Things to do in Tralee:
      Tralee Town (15 minutes from Village): Shopping - Town Centre and Manor West Shopping Centre, Siamsa Tíre Folk Theatre, Aqua Dome, Multi Screen Cinema, Windmill, Kerry County Museum, The Playdium.
    Castlegregory, Tralee, Co. Kerry
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